Accra Fertility Centre

We are one of the most experienced and successful fertility centres in Ghana. Our medical team is highly experienced and..

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

We provide professional responses to a woman’s essential health questions. From general counselling….

Improving The Quality Of Your Life
Through Better Healthcare

Our goal is to be a leader in excellent health care delivery and fertility management, providing positive patient experience and innovative medical practice.


Our Services

We are a first-class private healthcare institution dedicated to the provision of a range of specialized medical services.

Let’s give your child the deserved care. We know that child-patients need immediate medical attention and focused healthcare.

Our pharmacy provides efficient, patient-focused pharmaceutical services to inpatients, outpatients and theatre procedures.

We hold special clinics to address erectile dysfunction, one-stop testicular assessment, paediatric urology

Dr. Richard Banful

CEO/Medical Director

Dr. Nana Henaku-Larbi

Fertility Specialist /Consultant OB/GYN

Dr. Sampson Ampofo Koranteng

Consultant Obstetrician

Dr. Florencia Mends-Armstrong

Senior Medical Officer

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