Our Departments


Our highly qualified Dentist and his team provide comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages. We offer regular check-ups and cleanings; periodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, cosmetic procedures, implantology, oral/maxillofacial surgery, and oral/maxillofacial pathology.

General Medicine

Medifem Multi-specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre runs a 24/7 general practice with a team of about 10 general practitioners led by Dr. Choice Wereko-Dankwa, MD. We provide community based primary healthcare for every member of the family. Dr. Wereko-Dankwa and her team have good skills and experience also in Surgery, ENT, Pain Management, OB/GYN, and Infections.

General Surgery 

Medifem Multi-specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre provides general and specialized surgical services to patients suffering from a wide range of congenital and acquired conditions. We discuss and work together with you to design a treatment plan appropriate to your condition.

Paediatric Unit

We know that child-patients need immediate medical attention and quality, focused healthcare. At Medifem Multi-Specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre, we have paediatricians who offer a complete range of health care services for children and adolescents.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Medifem Multi-specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre combines advanced surgical procedures and the latest technologies to provide comprehensive plastic & reconstructive surgery to our clients. Our lead plastic surgeon and his able team are highly skilled and provide patients with a wide range of services including microsurgery, breast reconstruction, hair restoration, complete body contouring and advanced wound care, hand surgery, aesthetic surgery and microsurgery. We are compassionate in our approach and careful in our care-giving from your first consultation with the surgeon to recovery and follow-up.


The pharmacy at Medifem Multi-Specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre provides efficient, patient-focused pharmaceutical services to inpatients, outpatients and theatre procedures.

We are devoted to excellent service delivery for our patients and staff. We do this by implementing and improving upon industry standard practices, providing drug information for both patients and medical professionals and promoting safe, genuine and cost-effective drug therapy.


Medifem Multi-specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre treats varied Urological diseases with a specialized ward for in-patients and surgical cases. We hold special clinics to address erectile dysfunction, one-stop testicular assessment, paediatric urology and female lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). We can also perform flexible cystoscopy, intravesical chemotherapy, urodynamic studies (including video and ambulatory), intermittent catheter teaching, prostate assessment and prostate biopsy clinic.


At Medifem Multi-Specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre Laboratory, we are committed to providing laboratory services of optimum quality. We are a full-service laboratory with state-of-the art equipments and reagents as well as well-trained professionals to facilitate proper clinical diagnosis.
Our quality control and assessment methods are rigorous and meticulous as we aim to bring our patients world-class clinical laboratory services. We are certified by the Ministry of Health, and a member of the Allied Health Task Force