Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Good Health for Women is our work and pride

Medifem Multi-Specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre provides professional responses to a woman’s essential health questions. From general counselling, regular wellness checks, diagnostic services, and advanced treatment options, Medifem Multi-Specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre offers the right care you need.
We provide a wide range of gynecological and obstetrics treatments including medical, surgical and non-surgical approaches:

Pregnancy & Childbirth

From the second we find out you are pregnant; we provide you with patient-oriented care and support for your pregnancy and childbirth.

Birth Control

We are interested in how best you can plan your pregnancies for a healthy family life. We can help you to understand and choose the most appropriate form of birth control for you


Our theatre teams use innovative, current techniques and equipment to help you feel less discomfort and recover quickly.