Maternity Unit

You will cherish your childbirth experience

As your pregnancy draws to a close, your childbirth experience must be perfect for you and your precious new born. From the first contraction to that amazing second when you hold your baby, we want to guide you through the process with care and professionalism.

At Medifem Multi-Specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre, we know how incredible childbirth is and it is always a joy to share in your birth experience. On the first day of pregnancy, through the early months of your child’s life, we work with you to create the most positive, satisfying and healthy experience possible for you, your new baby, and your entire family.

The Maternity Unit Offers:

  • Professional, experienced staff dedicated to your care and absolute comfort
  • A private, intimate and relaxing environment
  • Extra care and support for higher risk situations
  • Custom-made care to suit your personal preferences and needs
  • A paediatrician (on-site or on phone) at all times.
  • Pre-delivery training segment, post-delivery counselling and breastfeeding techniques training.

Whether you go through a normal pregnancy or have special needs during this period, we have facilities 

and expertise to guide you through any prenatal or post-natal situation.